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Top 10 Gardening Tips

Did you know that there are some amazing ideas out there that people manage to come up with to either get the most out of their garden or to make those little gardening jobs a little easier. Here’s our top 10 gardening tips to help you along the way!

Gardening Tips

Nobody is a perfect gardener; we all need help from time to time. Likewise, no gardener knows everything and we can all do with a few tips and tricks every now and then. I know that more than anybody. And I know that when I started to work in the garden, it was way before the internet existed and so couldn’t easily go online and pick up tips and tricks when I needed them and I know my life would have been a whole load easier if I hadn’t had to work out stuff for myself.

It always amazes me the little things other people can come up with to get the best out of their garden, stuff that is so simple once you know it and makes you wonder how you never thought about it before (or even how you managed to survive before you knew it!) and so what follows is my top 10 gardening tips.

1. Scrape your nails across a bar of soap to seal them against dirt. Any soil that collects on your finger will be prevented from gathering between your nails. Once you’re finished in the garden simply use a nail brush under a running tap to leave your nails sparkly clean!

2. You can use small clay pots as a handy way of protecting your shoots against a snap overnight frost.

3. Spray your trimmer with vegetable oil before installing the line – this will help protect the trimmer from jamming and the line from snapping.

4. Use the water from your vegetable steamer on your potted plants instead of emptying it down the sink or drain. Your little plants will love the dish you serve them. Just make sure the water has cooled first.

5. After you’ve eaten your boiled vegetables and used the water on your potted plants, perk up your acid-loving plants such as blueberries, bog rosemary, foxglove or azaleas with the left-overs of your cup of tea and coffee grounds. A small sprinkle each month with keep the soil just at the right side of acidic.

6. Aspirin is a great cure for fungal plant problems. Two uncoated aspirin tablets dissolved in one quart of water and used in a spray can work wonders against black spot, powdery mildew and rust.

7. When re-potting a plant, turn a plastic pot upside down in the new, larger container and add soil around it. When you’re done, pull out the plastic pot and there will be plenty of room inside the bigger container to place your plant’s root ball.

8. If you’re using a protective netting and having a job holding the net above your plants, simply stake a bamboo stick into the soil and place a small jar or pot over the top and lay your netting on that. Problem solved.

9. If you’re having trouble with slugs, use a beer trap. I know this seems like a waste of good beer, but slugs can’t ignore even the poor stuff. Dig a shallow hole and place a steep sided cup inside. Fill ¾ of the cup with some beer and leave overnight. Next morning you should find a number of slugs inside dead from their partying. Keep repeating until your slugs are gone.

10. Always water your plants first thing in the morning as it lessens the effects of evaporation and the leaves dry off more quickly which is a big help when it comes to preventing disease.


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