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French Beans

French Beans

French beans, grown in Peru from 6,000 BC, were introduced to Europe during the Spanish conquest in the 16th century. They subsequently became known as ‘French’ beans as new strains were mostly  imported from France in the early days. An easy and prolific legume, they are a truly delicious when fresh and young. If for […]

Broad Bean

Broad Beans

The broad bean was recorded by Neolithic man, the Greeks, the Egyptians and Romans and it was mentioned in the Bible. It was a staple food for both rich and poor prior to the arrival of the potato, and the only bean widely grown in the UK until the 20th century. Its near cousin, Vida […]



Historically the Legumes (pea and bean family) were valued above all as a winter food as they can be dried and stored, or ground into flour. Information About Legumes They have nitrogen-fixing nodules on their roots so, If you leave the roots in the ground to rot down, they will enrich the soil. Runner beans, […]

How To Grow Potatoes

Growing Potatoes

Growing your own vegetables to cook at home is one of the most rewarding activities any gardener can undertake. It’s almost primal – a man working the land to feed himself and his family. The following information will give you some pointers on how to grow potatoes. Advice On How To Grow Potatoes There are […]


Accent Potatoes

Potatoes, along with bread, formed the staple diet of the poor from the late 18th to the 20th Century. The first allotments in the UK sprung up in the 1790’s as a response to the plight of the farm laborers. Unemployment among them was high with the advent of the Industrial Revolution and the Enclosure Acts had deprived […]

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