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Let’s Start Building A Greenhouse

So all your research is done. You’ve decided upon the best location within the garden. You’ve planned where everything goes and you’ve prepared the ground ahead of time. It’s now time to start building a greenhouse.

Building A Greenhouse
So the day has finally arrived when you get to start building a greenhouse. If you haven’t arranged it with the retailer who sold you the product and are planning on erecting the greenhouse yourself, then you will need to set plenty of time aside during the day and, if possible, have a friend or two to give you a hand with some of the more awkward parts. The important thing is to get your structure in place in one day – if the glazing needs to run into the next day, then so be it, as it shouldn’t be rushed.

You’ll want the delivery to be made as early in the morning as possible so that you have all day to work on your greenhouse if needs be. If it happens to arrive later in the day, then check everything over, make sure all the parts are there and plan to start first thing in the morning. Like a kid with a new toy at Christmas, you’ll want to pull the box apart and start fixing things together without checking the instructions, but it really pays to do the sensible things and make sure you’ve received all the right components and all the nuts and bolts are there. The last thing you want is to half build your greenhouse only to find an important bit is missing. This is certainly true with aluminium framed greenhouses because they consist of very similar looking, although slightly different lengths, aluminium struts and tons of nuts and bolts.

Once you’re satisfied that all the parts are there and you’ve organised your work space, then it’s time to start building a greenhouse!

Aluminium Framed Greenhouses

Read through the instructions a couple of times and lay out a mock set up of each wall of your greenhouse on the grass. Examine each part and make sure there is no damage and that all the holes are properly drilled through. If you need to do any quick finishing work to round out the holes then you’re best off doing it now rather than mid-build. Check that all the nuts and bolts are in place for each strut and each joint. As mentioned above, there are a lot of pieces when building an aluminium greenhouse and so now is the time to take stock.

You’ll want to assemble the base of the greenhouse first as this will provide a steady and stable foundation for you to build up the rest of the greenhouse. Once the base is complete and sturdy, then you can move to building up either of the sides or the gable ends. Depending on the make of your greenhouse, this is achieved by either building up from the base or by assembling panels which are then bolted to the base. Finally, when each of the walls are in place, its time to construct the roof and attach it to the top, before finishing off with the glazing.

Make sure to read each stage of the instructions very carefully before putting the instructions into action. There is nothing more annoying when building a greenhouse – or any DIY Kit for that matter – than finding half way through you’ve connected two wrong pieces together and you have disconnect them and start again.

Wooden Framed Greenhouses

Most wooden greenhouse will arrive in a few pre made sections which only require bolting together with each other before being glazed. The sides and gables are normally bolted together first and then the whole greenhouse connects as one. Finally, the roof is fitted to the top of the greenhouse. In all, these pre made sections make the building of a wooden greenhouse a little easier than an aluminium one, but you still need to take care to ensure everything is contained within the kit and that everything connects together securely.

Glazing becomes the most time consuming job with wooden greenhouses because it’s most often needs traditional putty. If you happen to be doing the glazing yourself, then make sure you paint the wood down with a wood preserver before you start to install any glass and this will ensure that all the wood is covered and most of the preserver won’t find itself on the glass!

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