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Guidelines For Choosing The Right Greenhouse Heater

If you own a greenhouse one piece of equipment you should consider purchasing for it is a heater. Greenhouse heaters are extremely important as they help to maintain a constant temperature within the greenhouse which fluctuates drastically throughout the day and year.

For those who choose not to have such equipment in their greenhouses they will find that the health of the plants inside it are badly affected.

The first thing you will learn when it comes to greenhouse heaters is that there are several different types to choose from. However, below we offer a few guidelines which you may find useful that can help you then to select the right sort of greenhouse heater.

Each have their advantages and disadvantages and you should have a clear idea of what you actually need before purchasing depending on your plants, your growing schedule and the size of your greenhouse.

Greenhouse Heaters – The Options

1. Propane Greenhouse Heaters – These use either bottled or natural gas and one of the least expensive of the various greenhouse heaters to run. However, they do have problems associated with them the first of them being that they are as effective at heating a greenhouse as an electric one is. Also your greenhouse needs to be well ventilated so that the fumes that they make can escape, because if they can’t you will find that the health of your plants are affected.

It is important that you consider where these are going to be placed. It is best if they are in position away from people are going to be. Also unlike the electric types these need to be maintained properly and also will need to be replaced every few years.

2. Electric Greenhouse Heater – The cost of running this type of heater in a greenhouse is considerably higher than you would pay for the other types we mention in this article. But electric greenhouse heaters are better at keeping the temperature within a greenhouse at a more constant level and ventilation is not such a major issue as they don’t let off any fumes.

3. Paraffin Greenhouse Heater – As well as being the cheapest they are also the most basic types of heaters one can get for a greenhouse. Again you will need to make sure that the greenhouse is well ventilated as just like the gas varieties these let off fumes. Also be prepared to spend time and money on maintaining and refilling them. However, a paraffin heater is probably the best option available to protect your greenhouse plants from each of the options available.

After you have made decision on what type of heater it is you want for your greenhouse you need to decide on how it is going to be placed. There are several different ways in which greenhouse heaters can be mounted in the space you have available. You can either go for ones that are wall or roof mounted or you could go for the types that stand on the floor. But if you are looking for a safe option and ensure that you have more space in your greenhouse the roof or wall mounted types are your best option.

At the end of the day however it is the size of your greenhouse that will be what determines what kind of greenhouse heaters it is you buy. For example if you own a large greenhouse then the gas or paraffin types are your best option. Whereas if you only have a small greenhouse an electric one would prove far more efficient.

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