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Greenhouse Vent Openers

Greenhouse vent openers are the summertime equivalent of a greenhouse heater. From April and the months that follow, when the temperature rises and you are finally able to switch off your greenhouse heater and look forward to lazy summer months, rising temperatures and, hopefully good yields, your attention needs to turn to ventilation and as such, you may find yourself looking at greenhouse vent openers.

Your main concern during the winter-time is keeping the temperature within your greenhouse up and within the levels needed to prevent your crop from freezing, crystalising and dying before they’ve even had the chance to grow. Now that winter as gone, your challenge in the opposite – you need to prevent the temperature rocketing too high, drying out, dehydrating and eventually withering to a dead stump. Just like the cold, excessive heat is a killer to those vegetables that are cut out for it.

There are a number of simple methods you can employ to guard against this and you should be looking to engage in each as collectively they will provide you your best chance to keep things cool and chilled.

Naturally, if you’re lucky enough to have purchased a greenhouse heater with a summertime option onboard, you can switch it to this setting and have cooling air blow across your plants keeping the temperature down – just be careful not to have any of your plants in close up and direct firing line of the cold fan. You could also install a cold watering or misting system into your greenhouse which will keep a nice humid and wet environment for your plants, although this can prove to be an expensive option for some.

Why Not Go With Greenhouse Vent Openers

Greenhouse Vent OpenersFinally, the purpose of this article, you can install some greenhouse vent openers. What are these you may ask? They are simple little devices that are thermostatically controlled to monitor the temperature within your greenhouse and when it rises into the the range that you’ve set, the greenhouse vent openers will automatically open your windows and help to maintain the desired temperature.

You may ask, why not just leave the windows open all day? Well of course, you can do that and if the days weather and temperature can be accurately predicted you can probably get away with that. But more often than not you either can’t predict what the weather is going to do, you can’t guess how the temperature is going to fluctuate during the day or maybe you want to maintain a short range temperature within your greenhouse – well, this means you’re going to be back and forward and always making your own adjustments. The automatic greenhouse vent openers can do all the hard work for you and on your behalf – opening windows and vents when the temperature rises outside of your preset and then closes them again once the temperature with your greenhouse falls.

Models can start at prices as low as £15 while the top of the range greenhouse vent openers can have a cost that runs into the £50 and £60 range whilst the very best will cost you well over a £100. As with all things, it comes down to your own personal budget for your greenhouse and what it is your looking to achieve.

We’ll shortly be reviewing a selection of greenhouse vent openers, so make sure to check back soon.

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