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Greenhouse Paraffin Heaters

There are a number of advantages of using a paraffin heater for your greenhouse so as to regulate the temperature. Principally, they are slighter cheaper to purchase with low-end models coming in at the £20 to £30 range. However, for your paraffin heater to do it’s job, you need to provide the fuel.

A Selection Of Greenhouse Paraffin Heaters

What follows are a selection of greenhouse paraffin heaters that are currently available (for more information, just click on the image or name). They do range from the cheap to the more expensive models, but each should do a decent job. Please note, depending on the size of your greenhouse, you may need more than one heater to sufficiently heat your greenhouse.

A Few Things To Consider About Greenhouse Paraffin Heaters

As you would expect, there are no start up costs associated with a paraffin heater (other than fuel for the burner) compared to more expensive water based heaters. Additionally, you have full control of their placement in your greenhouse and can freely move them around at your leisure.

Of course, the elephant in the room is the ongoing cost of paraffin for your greenhouse heater although the costs aren’t great and over the lifespan of your heater it may come in cheaper than, say, electricity costs and of course, there is no need for pesky extension cables running from your home to your greenhouse to contend with!

Overall, a paraffin heater or two for your greenhouse is a great option to keep the cold and frost away from your plants and veg during the autumn and winter months and will sufficiently protect and encourage growth.

A Summary of Advantages and Disadvanges

There are a number of advantages in using a paraffin greenhouse heater over other types of heating system available. Some of the notable advantages are :

  • When it comes to heating your greenhouse, paraffin heaters are cheap in comparison to other types of greenhouse heaters such as those powered by electric.
  • In addition to the cheap start up, paraffin is generally the cheaper option when it comes to the on-going costs.
  • Paraffin heaters give off a slight amount of carbon dioxide and so help with the growth of your plants.
  • They are stand alone units and you won’t have any trailing cables or gas pipe.
  • Due to them being stand alone, you have total freedom when it comes to their positioning within your greenhouse.

Sadly, as with everything, there are a number of disadvantages too.

  • Paraffin isn’t as popular these days as it once was and obtaining local supplies might be difficult. Fortunately, this is somewhat off-set by purchasing from the internet.
  • There is no temperature regulation. What this means is that once you switch the heater on, it remains on and keeps radiating heat whether it’s needed or not.
  • There is a small discharge of water vapour which, if not checked, can cause a breeding ground for mould and fungus in your greenhouse.
  • There is no fan to aid the air circulation in your greenhouse.
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