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Electric Greenhouse Heaters

There are a number of advantages of installing an electric greenhouse heater to regulate the temperature within your greenhouse. Firstly, they are relatively cheap to purchase with low-end models coming in at the £20 to £30 range.

A Selection Of Electric Greenhouse Heaters

What follows are a selection of electric greenhouse heaters currently on the market. There are a couple of different types of electric greenhouse heaters available. The fan-assisted models use a fan to distribute warm area through the area they are tasked to heat, while a tubular electric greenhouse heater radiates warmth into your greenhouse through a heating element.

Advantages and Disadvantages

In addition to that there are no installation costs compared to expensive water-pipe heaters and they can easily be moved around if needed despite the good air circulation provided by fan-assisted models.

As most electric greenhouse heaters come with in-built thermostats they are very quick at responding to temperature changes within your greenhouse and ensuring that your plants don’t suffer with temperatures too low or high.

There are, naturally, a couple of disadvantages to the use of electric greenhouse heaters. They may provide good air circulation, but it’s not always evenly spread and you need to watch out for any cold spots that develop in your greenhouse. Of course, this is size dependant and if you have a larger greenhouse you may indeed need to buy a couple of heaters to ensure an even distribution of warm air.

You also need to think carefully about the positioning of an electric greenhouse heater, and certainly fan-assisted models. Any plants close by and in the firing line, so to speak, can suffer from excessively high temperatures and a loss of moisture.

Finally, electric greenhouse heaters need a connection to the mains either by an extension cord from your house of having your greenhouse wired directly to your electricity supply (which will incur a financial cost for installation).

Electric Tubular Heaters

Tubular electric greenhouse heaters work on a different principle to fan-assisted heaters. An electric current is passed into them which causes a heating element inside to heat up. As it does so, the tubular greenhouse heater radiates heat into your greenhouse and provides warmth in this way.

There are a couple of advantages and disadvantages to this system. Firstly, the tube is very good at distributing it’s heat in a balanced manner in the space where it is situated. Without a fan blowing warm air, the temperature in a specific area of your greenhouse can be tightly controlled. Secondly, the electrical cost in using a tubular heater is reduced as there is no need to power a fan like with their bigger cousins.

The larger your greenhouse, the more tubular heaters you’re going to need. Ideally suited to cold frames and small greenhouses, a single tube isn’t sufficient for larger spaces and a number of tubes are going to be needed and strategically placed around your greenhouse. With no thermometer to react to changing conditions, tubular greenhouse heaters are a blunt instrument when it comes to regulating the temperature. Finally, unlike with most free standing fan heaters, tube heaters are usually firmly fixed in place with screws which means they aren’t easily moved if you want to change things around.

Let’s Start Building A Greenhousehouse

Building A GreenhouseSo all your research is done. You’ve decided upon the best location within the garden. You’ve planned where everything goes and you’ve prepared the ground ahead of time. It’s now time to start building a greenhouse.

So the day has finally arrived when you get to start building a greenhouse. If you haven’t arranged it with the retailer who sold you the product and are planning on erecting the greenhouse yourself, then you will need to set plenty of time aside during the day and, if possible, have a friend or two to give you a hand with some of the more awkward parts. The important thing is to get your structure in place in one day – if the glazing needs to run into the next day, then so be it, as it shouldn’t be rushed.Read More >>

Preparing Your Greenhouse Site

Preparing Your Greenhouse SiteAll the planning has been done and you’ve finally bought exactly what you needed – now it’s time for you to start preparing your greenhouse site. Before you begin construction of your greenhouse, you need to ensure that the site that you’ve chosen for placement is properly prepared.

This preparation phase is extremely important when it comes to erecting your greenhouse. Getting this wrong or cutting corners can only lead to trouble when building the greenhouse itself. So never see it as a waste of time or something to get out of the way quickly. Take your time even if you think you’re spending more effort on this phase than what you would be in erecting the actual greenhouse!

So give yourself a few days to get this right and again, don’t try and rush what needs to be done – gather your tools and the resources that you need before getting to work on the first stage of your greenhouse adventure. Read More >>

Where To Place A Greenhouse

Where To Place A GreenhouseWhen you look out onto your garden and start to wonder where to place a greenhouse then you might by lucky enough to have a number of options available.

However, with options come decisions that need to be made. This is a good thing because when you have a little flexibility in where you position your greenhouse you can make sure it goes in the best place possible.

On the other hand, if you have a small garden and have only one spot where your greenhouse can go, then you have to work with the limitations that you have imposed upon you. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing and with a little work, you could turn that spot into an ideal location. Read More >>

Top 10 Gardening Tips

Gardening TipsDid you know that there are some amazing garden ideas out there that people manage to come up with to either get the most out of their garden or to make those little gardening jobs a little easier. Here’s our top 10 gardening tips to help you along the way!

Nobody is a perfect gardener; we all need help from time to time. Likewise, no gardener knows everything and we can all do with a few tips and tricks every now and then. I know that more than anybody. And I know that when I started to work in the garden, it was way before the internet existed and so couldn’t easily go online and pick up tips and tricks when I needed them and I know my life would have been a whole load easier if I hadn’t had to work out stuff for myself. Read More >>

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