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At our core, Greenhouse Heaters is a website focusing primarily on ways and means of controlling the environments within our greenhouses and cold frames. Whether that is, as the name suggests, the use of greenhouse heaters – whatever their means of powering themselves be it electric, paraffin or propane – but also expanding ever outwards as we delve into ventilation and insulation. Both of these latter area play an important role in regulating the temperature in our greenhouses.

We’re still young and still learning. The primary editors have been gardening for a number of years, the use of greenhouses have merely been viewed as something to stick in the garden to grow stuff. But as we learn the tips and tricks from those more esteemed gardeners, we try and incorporate them into our own ever growing catalogue of knowledge and then, with luck and if you will allow us, we pass them onto you our respected readers.

As time passes and we ourselves learn more, we’ll expand the website outwards to cover more topics relating to greenhouse. That is the process of planning our greenhouse, buying and setting it up correctly and making the most of it. We’ll also delve into the areas of what plants and vegetables can be grown and how to grow them. However, we won’t forget our roots, and in approaching these loftier goals, our minds will also be on the conditions that need to exist within your greenhouse to gain the most from these tips.

Without wanting to sound all corporate, we have set ourselves 3 mission goals and we set them out below for you.

Mission Goal 1 : To provide valuable and informative content for our readers

This goal exists above and beyond all others. What use is this or any website if that goal is forgotten? As we’ve already said, we are still learning ourselves and as we do, it’s only right we pass what we learn you. We won’t get things 100% right all of the time and we’ll update and change things when we can. When we make mistakes, we’ll point them out and pass on what we’ve learned. But most of all, we’ll do our absolute best to provide valuable and informative content.

Mission Goal 2 : Provide Valuable Reviews To Help You Make The Best Decisions

Buying equipment for your greenhouse can be expensive. We know that. It’s therefore only right that we pass onto information you can use to help you make the right decision whether you’re purchasing a greenhouse heater, a ventilation system or even a greenhouse itself. You might not always agree with our verdicts on the various products we review but those reviews will be given in the most honest fashion.

Mission Goal 3 : Provide The Option To Purchase Those Items We Recommend

As already mentioned – your opinion may differ to ours with our reviews, but we respect whatever opinion you hold. However, where our opinions match, we’ll provide you with the opportunity to purchase items at the best possible prices we can find out on the internet and let you compare for yourself where you can get the best value.

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